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Atiqa Odho is a Pakistani model television and film actress and a host. Odho

Atiqa Odho is a Pakistani television and film actress and a host.. She debuted in Anwar Maqsood’s TV series Sitara aur Mehrunissa and later starred in a string of successful films, including Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya, Mummy and Mujhe Chand Chahiye.
Odho was born in Karachi, Pakistan on the February 12, 1968. She is married, and she has three children. She started her professional life as a make-up artist and hairstylist. While working as a make-up artist for various advertising agencies in Karachi, she was discovered by television personality, Anwar Maqsood. She starred in his play, “Sitara Aur Mehrunissa”; the role turned her into a household name in Pakistan.
She lives in the UAE and Pakistan. Currently she is engaged in philanthropic activities.
She has been working for Shaukat Khanam Cancer Memorial Hospital, Fatmeed Foundation and nowadays working as a social worker in “Hamara Mulk, Hamaray Log”.

  • Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya

  • Mummy

  • Mujhe Chand Chahiye long-plays

  • Aaks: 1991

  • Talaash: 1992

  • Zikar Hay Kayi Saal Ka : 1996

  • Tu Laak Chalay Re Gorey : 2001

  • Aab Yaha Koi Nahi Aye Ga: 2002

  • Baykhabri : 2003

  • Marium : 2004

  • Tum Intezar Karna :2007

  • Chalo Phir Se Jee Lain: 2008 serials

  • Sitara Aur Mehrunissa 1992

  • Dasht 1993

  • Nijat 1993

  • Angaarvadi 1994

  • Junoon 1996

  • Tum Hee To Ho 1999

  • Aan 2001

  • Kirchiyan 2002

  • Cahahtain 2003

  • Harjai 2004

  • Karishmay 2007

  • Nasl 2003

  • Atiqa O 2008

  • Hum Tum 2010Atiqa OdhoAtiqa Odho

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